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Guardianship Funds Awarded!

WOW just approved our first application for funds for attorney fees for guardianship proceedings. These were awarded to a person whose current guardian was no longer able to fulfill the responsibilities. Fortunately, a replacement volunteer guardian was found through community connections. Many people in WOW target populations do not have family or friends willing to step up as legal guardian to help them make medical and treatment decisions, so we recognized how special this situation was.

It can be difficult to afford even the best attorney rates for filing guardianship in circuit court - even more so when one has limited income. A significant advantage of legal guardianship is that it is recognized throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia by all service providers a person may encounter - from community services boards to hospitals and medical professionals. WOW is very happy to support the team effort that has made guardianship continuity possible for this applicant. It makes all the difference!

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