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Equipment Donation from the Darragh Family

Tom and Rhonda Darragh had rich lives before becoming professional care providers: they served in the military, raised a family, and had careers: Tom as a musician, when not busy in sales and service, and Rhonda as a Licensed Practical Nurse and massage therapist. In 2011, they decided to take it to the next level by caring for others in their own home. Rhonda had come to know many individuals with intensive medical needs through her work at Central Virginia Training Center, and within the following year, two ladies came to live in their family home. Though many people said it couldn't be done - that people with complex medical and physical conditions could not be supported in community settings - Rhonda, Tom and their team provided the dedicated care the ladies required until they passed away peacefully at home in 2020. The Darraghs, and the families of the ladies they assisted, discussed what to do with the specialty medical supplies on hand. An electric patient lift went to a family whose lift had broken. The customized wheelchairs were returned to the manufacturer to be repurposed for others. The shower trolley, wheelchair rocker, air pressure relief mattress and sensory supplies were donated to WOW for the benefit of others who need these hard-to-find items. WOW expresses appreciation to the Darraghs and the families of the people in their service, for their thoughtfulness and generosity despite the grief and sorrow of the circumstances. Please contact WOW if you, or someone you know, may benefit from these items.

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