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Donations, and a Shop Tour with Mobile Rehab

What an exciting day it's been! We had another visit from Mobile Rehab Engineering. Specialist Clinton Connor came upon request to pick up eight wheelchairs, three electric lifts and a stander. We were so pleased to donate these items so they can be repurposed. Two of the lifts were an unusual brand (Vanderlift) and were operational, and the third Arjo Maximove was an older model that will be handy for parts. Many of the wheelchairs were tilt-in-space, which allows people to adjust their weight distribution while remaining in their wheelchair. That feature is very important to help prevent skin breakdown, which may occur when someone is in the same position much of the time.

As a bonus, we had a shop tour! This is the larger of two mobile shops MRE operates. It has a 10-cylinder gas powered engine, a generator, a steam engine, a welder, a drill press, a manual industrial sewing machine, an electric sewing machine, tool boxes, spare parts storage, and a secondary wheelchair lift on the side. It was interesting to learn that this van was originally modified for use by a driver who was wheelchair-mobile. The driver's seat had full swivel with hand controls and electric operations.

Thanks again to the Mobile Rehab Engineering Team sponsored by the Department of Behavioral Health and Disability Services! We appreciate your valuable service to so many people who may not otherwise be able to obtain repairs for the equipment they depend on.

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