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Are you Amazing?

Virginia's Miss Amazing is recruiting contestants! Today, the need for female leaders with disabilities is as great as ever. Nationally and globally, girls and women with disabilities face a unique set of economic, social, and political challenges that include alarming rates of poverty, unemployment, sexual assault, and depression. For these reasons, it is all the more important that girls with disabilities are encouraged from a young age to take pride in who they are, to set ambitious goals, and to fight for the respect that they deserve.

Virginia Miss Amazing is a non-profit organization for girls and women with disabilities ages 5 and older. We provide opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to consider their goals, step outside of their comfort zones, and build networks of support. By investing in girls with disabilities, we nurture a strong community of leaders who push back against stereotypes and advocate for change, thereby creating even greater opportunities for the next generation.

2022 Virginia Miss Amazing-Register at (Virginia Chapter)

Miss Amazing

For this event we will have virtual interviews with the Judges and video submissions of the participants' introductions and passion performances (used to be called talent). The 2022 Queen Representatives will be announced "live" virtually on April 9th. Swag bags, tiaras, etc. will be mailed to those that participated in the entire event.

Important Dates:

March 20th-Registration Deadline

March 26th-Interview with Judges (Zoom)

April 9th-Crowning via Zoom

Please do not hesitate to email or call me directly if you have questions or difficulty registering.

Kindest Regards,


Check out pictures and videos at and

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