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Our first Craft Fair (and Yard Sale Fundraiser) was held Saturday, May 7th, 2022 from 8 am to 1 pm at 159 Dillard Road, Madison Heights, VA 24572.  Community members were invited to donate sale items the day prior to the event: Friday, May 6th, 2022 from 10 am - 4 pm.  

We could have used more sunshine and warmth, but the clouds and drizzle meant less competition on this 100-Mile Yard Sale weekend!  We very much enjoyed hosting vendors and providing a showcase for their wares.  WOW donated incontinence briefs to those in need, as well as craft supplies for a Ladies Group that meets monthly at a Sponsored Residential Provider home.   WOW raised over $150 for future needs of people with disabilities that cannot be met in any other way.  Not bad for a few hours on a Saturday!  Maybe we'll repeat this fun event next year! 



Our talented crafters braved the cool temperatures to showcase their wares and make some sales.

























How did the Craft Fair come about?


WOW was contacted by a long-term care provider last winter, who asked, "How can we offer crafters with developmental disabilities a place to sell the things they make?"  Community markets often require table reservation fees, and crafters may not have enough inventory to keep up with regular sales.  WOW responded, "We think we can help!"


WOW frequently operates out of the Dillard Road Office Complex in Madison Heights, which has a large, covered store-front area with great visibility on a well-traveled road.  This area would allow for a rain or shine event, and the raised sidewalk keeps crafters and their merchandise separate from in and out traffic.  In the meantime, the storage area WOW has been using for medical equipment has been filling up.  We thought, "What a great opportunity to show what we have on hand, in case people can use it!"  Hospital beds, wheelchairs, a mechanical lift and other adaptive equipment will be offered for a donation amount of the recipient's choice.

After the winter holidays were over, Board Members discussed potential fundraising activities for the coming year.   Member Jonathan Miles suggested, "Why don't we have a yard sale?"  The rest of us agreed - who doesn't love a bargain and a treasure hunt?  We thought that this would also draw in potential customers for our talented vendors, if we combined it with the craft fair.  WOW set a date, then began reaching out to crafters we know, and to those who we heard about through the grapevine.  We are so glad we did!



We posted flyers around town to let everyone know about the event.


We posted at local intersections a few days before.


We gathered donations of unusual items - like this big metal boot!

Ann & Rick

Board Members Ann & Rick came from Roanoke to deliver goods, such as handmade pottery, household items, and this antique Indian taxi horn!


Some of Ann's handmade pottery for sale, along with other kitchen necessities


Our yard sale items were a treasure-hunter's paradise!


Many donations made unusual pickings for deal-seekers


Stuff, stuff and more stuff for sale

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