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Phone Raiser

Offering Ready-for-Use Phones to Citizens in Need


WOW reached out to DSS offices to find out priority needs of people with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities in the community.  Guardians were the greatest need, but closely behind that were phones.  People with housing issues, or who are otherwise in transition, may not be able to access government programs such as Lifeline or Safelink, when they don't know where they are going to be from day to day.  This makes the social worker's job even more challenging, in trying to find assistance for them when they cannot be reached. 

WOW Board Members said, "We can help!"  We purchased TracFones with pre-paid 90 day service cards and chargers, for social workers to distribute to those in need.  These phones have helped people make and keep appointments, coordinate benefits, and stay in touch with their natural support systems. 


WOW has distributed seven phones so far.  While that is not a huge number, it's made a huge difference to seven individuals working on managing their business and improving their quality of life.  One recipient even coordinated her own move out of state to be closer to friends and family!  We appreciate our donor support for the Phone Raiser program!

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